Doctors removed 15 cm tumour from an 82 year old

May 10, 2017

Kolkata’s health care system is not lacking behind in taking up challenges nor do the efficiency of a Medical practitioners here (with exception to few), most of whom have left lucrative offers in Western countries in order to be with the people here giving them the best of care and needed medical assistance.

Dr Shuddasattwa Sen, presently associated with Kolkata based Medica Hospital as its Jt Director & Sr Consultant ||GI HPB and GS Dept has achieved some rare feat in the Medical history of the country and even world. Lets start with one such Medical Miracle, where the impossible was made possible by Dr Sen and his team.

It was in the year 2010, when a 82 years old lady Bhanumoti Mondol came to Dr Sen and after a through check the Dr found that there is a tumour in her upper abdomen, but because of her advancing age no doctor dared to take the risk for a surgery. Over the last few months, the tumour was growing and the pain had become unbearable, leaving Mondol with no option other than surgery.

The Doctor then decided to take a call and decided to go ahead with the operation. On December 30, 2010, the 82-year-old underwent the laparoscopic surgery. But doctors had to be cautious as the lady is diabetic, has high blood pressure, a bi-fascicular heart block, a thyroid disorder and age-related lung and kidney degeneration. They successfully removed the tumour and after one month of observation Doctor’s declared her fit, “We are now in a position to declare her fully recovered. She is eating well and leading a normal life,” said Dr Sen.

Though the process went unheard without much Media publicity, but has left a mark as a rare feat in the Medical history of the world.

About Dr Suddhasattwa Sen

 Jt Director & Sr Consultant ||GI HPB and GS Dept ||Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Kolkata
 MBBS (Gold medalist), MS (Gold medalist), DNB (All India Gold medalist), MNAMS (IND), MRCS (UK), FICS(USA), DNB (SGE & HPB), FMAS (AMASI), Fellow HPB & Liver Transplant (Sir Gangaram, Apollo, Del), CC Lap Solid Organ Surgery (Ethicon), CC Endohernia (Ethicon), CC Lap Colorectal (Galaxy , Pune) / Lap UGI surgery and VATS (Calicut) , Ob. Fellow HPB  & GIS (SGPGIMS, Lucknow / GB Pant, Delhi). 
Dr Shuddasatta Sen was  also a Sr Consultant of GI HPB surgery and Liver transplant and Oncology of AMRI APOLLO AND FORTIS HOSPITALS in past.
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  1. Feeling very proud and secure from mine because such humanities and human still alive…..
    Congrats …… Dr Sen