Largest Tumour Successfully Removed by a Team of Doctors in Kolkata

Tumour measuring 20cm x 7cm was successfully removed by a team of Doctors in Kolkata, a rare feat and a record in itself. It all began when 47 year old Ishrat Jahan visited Gastroenterologist and GI Onco Surgeon, Dr Suddhasattwa Sen four years back in 2013 at a city hospital. She was suffering from abdomen pain, bouts of vomiting and problems of the bowel for almost three years then. A rare tumour in her gastrointestinal tract was silently causing the pain was detected. Enteric duplicate cyst is a tumour of the retroperitoneal mucinous type. So far, less than 50 such cases – known to affect more women than men – have been reported across the globe. In Ishrat Jahan’s case, the tumour was lodged close to the ureter and the main vessel right below the colon.

The Gastroenterologist and GI Onco Surgeon Dr Suddhasattwa Sen, then attached with Fortis Hospitals advised immediate surgery and accordingly a bloodless surgery took place that lasted for about three hours, the tumour was successfully removed by a team of doctors led by Dr Sen. Doctors were amazed with the massive size of the tumour. “This kind of tumour is very rare in the first place and then, the size of the one that we surgically removed measured about 20cmx7cm. This patient was living on painkillers and anti-vomitting medication to suppress the symptom for almost three years now,” said Dr Sen. The largest such tumour reported so far was 13cmx3.5cm.

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